Convert GCP's to a GCS

You have a newbie here so please be patient. I am having trouble importing the GCPs to be usable. Attached is the image of my GCPs and the GPS of the photo’s. It was an ebee soda with RTK, quoted are comments from my instructor. Can someone help me get both to match.

"From the information you are showing me one of the GC piece sets is in geographic coordinate system meaning it is not projected to universal transverse Mercator or you TM, which is what is the data in the table below is in so the main thing is to make sure that when you try to load in GCP’s they are in the same coordinate system as the imagery you are processing so typically the imagery we are processing in the UTM so therefore when you choose the location or the XNY location for the GCPs make sure that it is also in UTM meaning like the numbers you have in the table "

Camera Latitude and Longitude from one of the photos : 34.18249315, -77.95971772

And these were from the 2 of the CSV’s for CP1:
3788043.363 226884.019

3788239.606 779778.216

Hi rmletc,

Could you tell me what coordinate system your GCPs are in and what output coordinate system you are wanting it in?