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Contour lines with altitude

Hi, I understand it is possible to create controur lines, but is it possible to add the altitude to the lines or some kind of reference to each specific lines altitude…

All contours seem to have this feature and would be great if pix4d did it.


I have attached an image below as an example of what I mean.




Has this ever been answered?  I am looking for the same thing.

Hello Aaron, Hello Joshua,

The contour lines we export have altitudes as a property/attribute. You just need to enable this property/label in the 3rd party software you are using to visualize the contour lines.

You might find this article useful:

Best Regards, 

Would like to see an example of labeling the countours in Autocad. You always refer to QGIS, but costumers have been requesting me to delliver the contours labeled to use in Autocad. Can anyone give me an example of how to label the contours in Autocad?

Hi José!

Will be this tutorial helpful for you?