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Contour lines with altitude information

Hello all;

I am new to PIX4Dsurvey and I have just started to work with it a few days ago.

I have imported into PIX4Dsurvey a point cloud -previously generated with PIX4Dmapper- from which I have extracted the countour lines as shape (.shp) file. After importing it into QGIS I could see that those contour lines generated by PIX4Dsurvey do NOT contain the altitude information. As an example, you can see in the attached picture that, another contour lines file generated directly from PIX4Dmapper actually include the information of the altitude.

How can I do it with PIX4Dsurvery or what am I missing?

Thanks in advance to everyone.

Hello Miguel,

Thank you for your message.

Note that in the contour lines created by PIX4Dsurvey, the elevation is already in the geometry.
However, you can proceed with this workaround in QGIS:

Use the Field Calculator as shown below using the expression z_max($geometry) for calculating a new field called Elevation.

Note that this is a short-term solution.
In the longer term, the PIX4Dsurvey is working on a better by default visibility for all GIS software.

I hope this helps.


Thank you @Daniele_Lecci, this is exactly the info I needed!
I also hope we can see in the future this features being improved on PIX4Dsurvey!

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Hi Miguel,

I’m happy to hear this was the information you needed.
The PIX4Dsurvey is informed about this and they are working on refining exported data. However, I can’t provide a release date, unfortunately.

Have a great day