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Complex Objects

Hi, I am doing a survey project for this structure. As you can see then amount of repetitive steelwork is a lot and I think the software gets confused as it doesnt always know what is in the front and what is in the back. Also the cloudy sky seems to have been rendered into the mesh, which is a pain. 


Any tips or advice on how to overcome such complex objects with lots of holes and repetitive patterns?



Hi Toby,


The structure that you reconstruct it is indeed a bit more challenge than a regular one. An adapted flight planning would improve the quality of your project. 

The best way to reconstruct this structure would be the circular mission and be pointing the camera at an angle towards the ground. This way the sky will be eliminated from image content which will help the reconstruction of the structure itself. Having a high lateral overlap would help as well. You can find more details here.




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Thanks Ina, we have actually done the 45 degree downwards circle but it still gets a bit confused with all the steelwork details. We are sadly not allowed too close to the structure as it is protected by the heritage organisation. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

If it helps you could upload your project to cloud from where I could take a look. To do so please follow the instructions given here.