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compare projects


I would like to compare two projects of a same natural site.

Using an eBee, I realized 2 flights of the site at differents dates and now I would like to compare the points clouds in order to study the motion of coastline’s material.

I followed the instructions of “how to align projects in order to compare them” but after this 1st step? Is it possible to compare them using Pix4D mapper pro (by merging projects) or do we have to use an other Software (as CC) to realize this study?

Thank you for your help


Hi Hugues,

We want to take the opportunity to ensure that you are aware of the differences between merging and aligning projects.

  • When projects are merged the  combination of information from different projects will be used to create a new one single project. That means that after running step 2 and 3 you will have results based on the new single project created after merging.
  • When projects are aligned they are treated as individual projects but they will have the same referenced location (they will overlay) which will allow you to  proceed comparisons.   

That being said what you will want in this case is aligning projects. Please note that is important to choose the location of your reference point on features that will not change in time (seawall, concrete features, piles etc…)

As for the comparison depending on the specific purpose it is recommended to used third software party.

For more information regarding the third softwares that support Pix4D Mapper outputs please see the article :

Best regards,


thank you for your answer; this is what I thought but I wanted to be sure… 

I use an other software to realize Points Clouds comparisons but the on-board GPS is not precise enough to give goods results. I will have to use GCP or maybe MTP to proceed comparisons.