Community interview with Gary La Mantia

1. Could you tell us about your company and the services you provide?

Geo Imaging Technologies is my wife’s company and is primarily a technical support company oriented towards airborne sensor operations, data collection and technical support. We provide (in-the-field, or person-in-the-middle) support between end users and engineering teams on several sensor platforms for the US Government.

Realizing the flexibility and safety advantages over traditional VTOL systems, and using Pix4D software would open fast, on demand data acquisition that was safer and more cost effective than traditional means to commercial and industrial market spaces.

2. How is the Pix4D community helpful to you?

I like how people explore different ways Pix4D can be used, techniques and technical information on hardwares and softwares. There are very experienced people from all kinds of other disciplines who are willing to help and share their Pix4D knowledge and uses for their own businesses. These folks help me see and get a better rounded perspective of efficient workflows.

3.   How do you participate in the Pix4D community?

All of my forum input is from messing around in the field with home-made and off-the-shelf fixed-wing, rotor-wing sUAS systems for along time. So in some cases, questions come up that I have experience with, such as data collection best practices and/or data processing with Pix4D.

4. Which is your favorite community topic?

The forum is growing and changing fast! So a favorite topic is hard to point at. Just about anything that exploits SFM data collection, data management and processing. Must of the time is spent in Image Acquisition and Processing.

5. Which reasons would you give other Pix4D users to be active in the Pix4D Community?

Easy one, from simple to complex issues, Pix4D staff have the answers!

Also, many folks on the forums are GIS/Survey and Engineering Pros who know what they want. Another important aspect is the number of people getting interested in the software and the rapid developmental pace of sensors/airframes, easily justifies the need of your forum and probably,  a more focused and scoped publication on all of the softwares/hardwares, field and office techniques for professional deliverables.


It’s a pleasure to learn more about you Gary! Thanks for sharing your view on the community with us. 

I have worked with Gary…great guy and he knows his stuff :slight_smile: