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[CommunityStars] Interview with Joan Cano

1. Hello @joan.cano! Can you tell us about your professional background. What do you do?

I am a geographer specialized in GIS and remote sensing. Since I finished my studies I have been working at Tecnitop, where I do projects related to topography, laser scanning, photogrammetry, cartography and drones. I also give technical support to SenseFly, Parrot, Flyability, Leica and of course Pix4D.

2. What Pix4D software do you use, and how?

The software that I use the most from the suite of programs is Pix4Dmapper, with which I process projects from different types of drones, although the majority are eBee X datasets. RGB, multispectral and thermal sensors can all be used.

On the other hand there is Pix4Dcapture, which I use to plan flights with the Parrot Anafi .

I know some of the other programs of the Pix4D suite and I have used them occasionally for projects or to give support to clients.

3. Why did you choose Pix4D software?

As a drone distributor, I believe that Pix4D is the best option for processing aerial images. I would highlight that Pix4Dmapper keeps its sensor database updated, so even when there is a new drone or sensor on the market, you can use them without issue since they are already included. Additionally, the report it generates is very intuitive and allows you to quickly find the errors that may be in the project and thus correct them.

Also, there is a lot of information about how to use the software, processing, examples, common questions, tutorials … All of this information allows the user to learn from the most basic elements of photogrammetry to solve much more complex problems.

Another point to highlight is that users who have been using Pix4D for a long time notice that it is becoming faster and more accurate when processing.

I think the best way to define why I use Pix4D is trust. I have full confidence in the results I get from my processings.

4. How do you participate in the Pix4D Community? How would you suggest others use it?

I try to be an active member. When I have free time I like to read the doubts and problems that users may have, as this way I learn and I help other users with questions that I think I know and I can solve for them.

I think the Pix4D community forum is a great source of information, where you can learn a lot. I also know for sure that the support team works hard to have the forum well organized, which is difficult since there are many users and we do not all speak the same language or express ourselves in the same way. My advice is that before you ask a question, do an exhaustive search through the forum, since it has likely already been resolved.

5. What would you like to see happen in the Pix4D Community in the future?

The truth is that I see the community as very well organized. It is noticeable that Pix4D is allocating resources so that all users, even those who only test the software, are taken care of. For example, communities are now being sorted by language and by software, which helps people with a similar way of expressing themselves to understand each other better and thus resolve cases faster. This path may lead to the creation of live conversations between users, something similar to what can already be done by private message.

I hope the community continues to grow. The more knowledge opens up, the more we all learn.

Thank you for you time, Joan. Hope to see you soon around the community.