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ClusterGenerator: Not Enough Initial Valid Cameras

Hello everyone

Getting the following error message at the beginning of Stage 2 once the clusters (39) have been generated from ~6000 images that were generated as sub projects and then merged.

[Error]: ClusterGenerator: Not enough valid cameras!
[Error]: Generating Clusters Failed!
[Error]: >>>Generating Clusters<<< failed with error (failed to run a step!)!
[Error]: >>>Generating Clusters<<< failed with error (failed to run a step!)!
[Warning]: Group Processing: Failed to generate cluster, skipping cluster

It has begun processing 1/39 and successfully completed the initialization of cameras and points… I am concerned that this skipping of a cluster might leave a large segment of the point cloud missing - if it works. Given the size of the project this is going to take 12+ hours to process and do not have the time to wait to see if there is a gap in the point cloud or if the processing fails completely.

Any suggestions? This is extremely time sensitive and would greatly appreciate some help/advice


Could you share here with us your .log file as well the Quality Report?

I’d help diagnose the problem.


Hi Beata,

Sorry for the delayed response - we have been working through the issues with the support team. We had originally processed the data sets on a different computer - purchased a higher end desktop - and attempted to continue on with processing. I am assuming that the issues were related to lack of thumbnails/images that the computer couldn’t find in the proper directory point. We have since gone back and reprocessed the data sets and are still waiting for results. However I did post recently to the board pertaining to a No Such file or directory warning (GDAL) for a DSM preview… would you be able to take a look at that post?

Thanks for the help and getting back so quickly

Sure, will go there as well.

“see you soon” :slight_smile: