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Clipping box(es) - Ideas.

Good morning, I would like to suggest two ideas (maybe they are implemented already).

When looking an “cleaning” up data sets It would he helpful to have:
1- The ability to create multiple clipping boxes and assign names to them
2- Have the ability to turn them on/off independently
3- Have the ability to hide elements either inside or outside each box.

This functionality already existing in Faro’s Scene and I find it very useful when working with their data. I would love very much to have it in Pix4D.

It is always better to HIDE data then to delete it.

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Hello DDS CAD,

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we have reported it to the Product Development Team.


Thanks Miguel.

It would also be nice to have some Selection tools.

1- Select by elevation
2- Select by color
3- Select by color range

I’m doing processing of quarry sites, and i want to remove vegetation from walls, slopes, etc. Picking a pixel, or even a “sample area” of vegetation, and being able to select other pixels with the same average color values would be tremendously helpful!

Hi John,

Thanks for your suggestion, we have also noted it and its available for the development team.