Checkpoints error


Has anyone been having trouble processing using checkpoints lately?

For some reason, when processing images along with checkpoints, it always results in meters off. It’s been doing it for a few versions of Pix4dmatic now. I know because I tried it on earlier versions and there’s no issue.


My name is Spachos from the Technical Support. Thank you for bringing up this subject.

Can you please share with us from which version you have noticed this issue with the checkpoints?
It would also be very useful to tell us a version of PIX4Dmatic that you remember you had no issue with, so we can narrow down the issue as much as possible.

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Hello Spachos

I am currently on the latest stable version (1.58.2).

The computer on which it does not have that issue has the 1.43.2 version.

Thank you for your help

Hello again,

Thank you for the information,

Can you please share with me 1 or 2 Quality Reports of projects that have the checkpoints issues?

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Of course. Here are two projects, both having the issue discussed and the second one I also included the properly processed checkpoints on version 1.43 (Project 2-B).

You can view them here : Pix4D projects

Hello Spachos,

Have you had time to look into it ?