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Cannot see 3D model and cannot turn off photos

I took a load of photos with my drone and got this far:

Can’t see a 3D model & can’t turn off the photos.

Can’t find an answer.

I will buy some software but don’t know which way to go.

So far I’m seeing better results from a trial of Agisoft but all of the Online stuff says Pix4D.

Please help me decide.






Dear Jim,

Thank you for your interest in Pix4D, and for providing a screenshot illustrating your issue.

In the Layers section of the left sidebar), start by unchecking the Cameras layer (just above Display properties in your image). This will hide all cameras and thumbnails from the view in the rayCloud.

If it is a 3D model you are interested in generating, make sure you selected the 3D Models template and ran processing step 1. Initial processing and 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.

Looking at your images, I see most of them contain a fair amount of sky and grassy areas.
Note that for good results for 3D reconstructions, we recommend acquiring oblique images with the camera pointing downwards at an angle to limit the amount of sky in the images. It is all about avoiding homogeneous and dynamic elements (sky, water, etc.) as much as possible, for the software to detect many keypoints and match them between images. 
We also recommend having a high overlap between images, which seems to be the case for most of your dataset, but it is hard to say on your screenshot.
Learn more about image acquisition plan types here.

I hope this helps!