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Can not proceed second step

I used pix4d for NVID analysis, but there is an error.

“[Error]: Failed to write to <C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/project_data/thumbnails/IMG_201111_080652_0202_RED_512.jpg”
That is a example in first step
After appear this message first step proceeded without a glitch

In second step, too many error message had appeared
“[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4> C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/project_data/thumbnails/IMG_201111_080100_0006_GRE_512.jpg: No such file or directory”
“[Warning]: Unable to open ‘C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/project_data/thumbnails/IMG_201111_080100_0006_GRE_512.jpg’: No such file or directory”
[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4> “C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/project_data/normalised/IMG_201111_080428_0122_GRE.jpg: No such file or directory”
“[Warning]: OrthoImage [IMG_201111_080428_0122_GRE]: failed to open image <C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/project_data/normalised/IMG_201111_080428_0122_GRE.jpg>!”

“[Error]: Blending: failed to write tile!”
“[Error]: Generate Quality Report (orthomosaic) [Green] failed!”

“[Error]: >>>Generate Quality Report (orthomosaic) [Green]<<< failed with error (failed to run a step!)!”

“[Error]: Failed to write to <C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/report/html/geotag_position.png”

“[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4> Unable to create png file C:/Users/SMS/Documents/pix4d/muan_onion_20201111/1_initial/report/html/optimized_camera_position_XY.png.”
“[Error]: ClusterProcessing: Not enough initialized photos”
“[Error]: Dense matching failed!”

“[Error]: >>>Dense matching<<< failed with error (failed to run a step!)!”

I upload log, p4d, quality report in my google drive


Hi, It could be that the drive is low on space. Can you confirm that you have at least 60GB of free space?

Windows could potentially be preventing Pix4D from writing to disk. Try right-clicking the Pix4D launch icon and running as administrator.

Have you been able to process other projects on this computer? Can you try processing the demo project to see if that is able to complete successfully?

One of our users had the same problem, his anti-virus software was preventing Pix4D from saving the files. Can you also check that? You might need to uninstall and reinstall your software and give permission if your anti-virus software pops out while installation.

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My PC has over than 300GB. So i do not think because of low on space.

I try to mapping after turn off anti-virus software and give permission but that failed

Example files was mapped without any glitch and perfectly wrote files in project data/thumbnails

What could i do anything for my project?

Can you save the images and the project in some other directory with the following directory structure?

-p4d file

Also, before that I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the software to make sure we are not missing anything?