Can I at least plot my images in one direction...?

I have a gopro video that was installed under the wing of a glider and towed in one straight direction. One straight line … about 40 minutes, the area over which we flew is unfortunately very similar to each other, practically identical, so I have already accepted the fact that I have no chance of any key points. We also did not do the calibration, so this is another reason to probably forget about a good product but is it at least possible to plot these individual pictures.

They are 4k so plenty overlap… If I can plot them in one direction as it’s just a one-line - this would be already an amazing output.

P.S. I do have a trajectories, sampled every sec with lat/long/z
Massive thank you for all your help

Hi joolek,
You can absolutely process the video from your GoPro. However, video will not contain any georeferencing. This may also cause it to not scale very well and could even invert the entire project. You can read more about how to use video in the article below.