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Calibrating Sequoia Camera RGB Images


I’m trying to calibrate RGB photo that were flown with a Sensefly eBee Ag and Sequoia camera. I captured the three calibration images and now I need to include these calibration images into the Pix4Dmapper Pro processing. I’ve noticed that an RGB calibration image was not taken. What is the process for calibrating the RGB photos within the Pix4Dmapper Pro software?


Dear Jeff, 

The RGB images do not need to be calibrated. We believe you are referring to the radiometric calibration (taking an image of the calibration target), which is only useful for the narrow bands (it is meant to give a reference value to adjust the intensity of the light in the different discrete bands). RGB images do not require radiometric calibration (the purpose is different, creating an orthomosaic instead of obtaining an accurate measurement of the reflectance), and so this image is not taken. 

Best regards,