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Buildings have black fronts under overhangs. How do you improve that?

I have successfully been able to use the GRID mission multiple times, but one of the shortfalls is that on the fronts of buildings, where there is a little overhang, the result comes back black or missing in the point cloud. I am using the IOS app and there is no free flight mission to plan it. I tried to manually take some oblique images and the result was not satisfactory. Is the free flight coming for IOS or is there another way? I can’t seem to combine oblique and nadir photography together so how do you successfully get a building in 3D Model?

Or do I have to get an Android phone to get the ‘Free mission’?

Hi Jeff. I too ran into this over the weekend. I flew Nadir under the impression that I would capture building elevations and be able to see them in a point cloud but it appears that is not the case. What I did is flew another grid pattern (mind you there is no app for my UAV at this time) but this time I aimed the camera 45 degrees downward to capture more. This data set indeed showed more building.

However the underside of the overhangs and roof soffits are black of empty as many other obscured areas. The reality is that to create comprehensive data set, you need to capture from multiple angles and combine them.

I will try to merge these sets today and see how it goes. I have done it in the past so that IS the way to go about it, it just takes some practice. Don’t give up.

DDS CAD has the answer, but essentially you want to go around the building (perhaps even on foot) to capture the walls. Some of the surfaces may not be able to be captured do to the lack of points.

Once you’ve gone around the building I would then merge the projects in Pix4D ensuring GCPs and manual tie points :slight_smile:

Hope that helps. James