Best way to capture home footprint in Survey

So I have been tasked to learn how to do pix4d mapper take to Pix4dsurvey and put in layers some of the aspects of certain project roadways. Need to capture curbs, walkways, Road and of course the homes. I need to just get the footprint to show in CAD eventually. As of right now if I do a Nadir survey the sides of the homes are sometimes not so good. Just for experiment I was using the roof capture to see if that would suffice.

So wasn’t sure if there was easy way to capture the home outline with different technique ? like take obliques of the same mission to get more points ? or I should use some function in Survey to do it ?

I’m very new to these products and workflow. So any info is good.

Using Mavic 3e to do my flight.

Hi @kevin.sauerwald,

Yes, this is expected. From nadir surveys it is very difficult to get the walls of the buildings, in particular in the case of overhanging roofs.

Here is an example of a nadir survey where most walls are not reconstructed:

If you use oblique images, it is more likely to get a good reconstruction of the walls.

You can get more information here:


Thanks. I looked through the link and I guess I can try to do my mission with 10% angle to get more of the sides. I was also just trying to get the feel from other users who might be doing the same thing as to how they do it. Is it with different shots… or do they do something easy in Pix4d survey to get the homes footprint. Thanks for your answer

Hi Kevin,

To get good results for facades, we recommend to use 15° inclination, but that’s more of a general rule. It also depends on the altitude you are flying.

I’m also curious to see what other users think :slight_smile:

If you need to vectorize the facades, give the wall detection a try:

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