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Pix4d Capture + Pix4d maps

Hello, when recording 3d images of an area and processing it in pix4d maps we have been seeing a lot of issues with trees and the fronts of buildings. Our models need great detail on those two specific areas. Does anyone have any advice or tips to capture the trunks of trees and fronts of buildings. It is understandable considering the drone mostly takes pictures from directly above but if there is any way to do it that would be great.

Hi Wayne, 

Thank you for your patience. If you are mapping the area to develop the 3D model, I would recommend you to have the double grid flight with camera angle at 45 degrees to the verticle so that it can capture the facade of the building. If it not still able to capture the facade of the building, you can have additional free flight mission vertically. 

If you are just building the 3D model of the single building, you can have several orbital missions at different altitudes (cylinder image acquisition) as shown in the figure below.

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