Branding with logos and company name

As features, it should be possible to upload our own logs or company name. When sharing a project with a customer, I don’t necessarily need them to see Pix4D as I’d prefer they see my own info.

It should also be great to have logo as a watermark on the maps especially when customer download resources.

In short :

  • Add possibility to add own logo and company name
  • Add watermark with logo and/or company info to maps/content/resources
  • Add beter report downloads : with comment, POI, …

This would be a greate Feature for us too! We need to share our measurements with different companies involved at the construction site and different customers. Uploading the Logo would be a great Marketing Tool.

A better Report to would be great. Or a Tool to add up the polygons and lines of a annotation group.

It would also be great to have the possibility to set a duration of the sharing link in days.

I agree with this request 100%.

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