Watermark info feature with Name, Company Info, Pix4D Licensed version or trial used for output file

I would like Pix4D to consider watermark info in the bottom right corner of the projects like how architects do, so that client knows whether this is processed by whom and which company he belongs to and whether it was processed in trial version or legitimately brought version or PIRATED VERSION. In my country (India), i see bunch of people using trial versions and process the data for dirt cheap price thinking they’re gonna wash out other players in the market. It hurts people like me who brought the software and spent good amount of money on hardware and time to give quality output.I want to see any output file given to clients such as Ortho or other deliverable files. This helps to explain clients that they can’t expect prices like trial version use case. Hope i am not the only one here with this problem. I think this is a cheaper way to address trial/pirated version file export files. If someone has better idea than this to address the issue, please let me know or vote for this. Hope Matic and Survey adds this feature soon before its too late.

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Thank you very much for posting this feature request here!
Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

As mentioned in your previous post, I passed it on to our product teams. Even though we cannot guarantee that a solution will be implemented, I can assure you that every piece of feedback is internally evaluated at Pix4D. Let’s see if more people can come vote for this feature if they find it also very essential. :slight_smile:

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This is indeed an important feature where it helps clients understand the pricing from genuine companies that actually do business in legit way. Surprised someone has asked this. Hope Pix4D adds this feature.

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My client strongly suggested that a watermark be included in the development of the orthophotomap. Such a watermark should contain information about the contractor, the date of data acquisition and the coordinate system.

I think the ability to add your own watermarks to a very useful functionality.

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Remember to also vote for the request you support!

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