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Black Thermal Images in Basic GCP/MTP Editor

I am unable to see any of my thermal images taken with a FLIR Duo Pro camera in the Basic GCP/MTP Editor OR the RayCloud.  They are all simply black.  I need to add MTPs and reoptimize before merging with the RGB project.  Please advise.  Below is a link to a sample Thermal TIF image. 

I’ve also tried adding the bolded text to the p4d file in a text editor.  No luck.

<pixelValue pixelType=“uint16” min=“0” max=“0”/>


Hi Jason,


Have you run the project for the first time with the normalization line or you have run it once, then add the line and rerun it?

If it is the last case then you will have to delete the normalized and thumbnails folder before re-running step1; otherwise, the software will not re-write these first results.

Could you share the log file and teh p4d file with me so I could take a look?