Best hardware for mapper

Hi, need to upgrade elaboration speed of thermal image processing to render 3d ortho and thermal representation.
I’m with the idea to buy a big dell poweredge with an important xeon CPU, after I saw GPU is not used to much in elaboration… I’m in something wrong? There are some better solutions? Thank you for the help.


Hi Alessando,

It is tough to give you a straightforward answer. The performance of the processing depends on many different factors and only once tested, we could give you an honest answer. I highly recommend you reading our article Hardware and Pix4D and You’ll learn a lot about all the factors. Also, you find a link to a tool with which you will be able to compare base processing speed between similar builds and components. I would also suggest having a look also in the articles below:


Review this article from Puget Systems as well as their other Pix4D articles. It will tell you everything you need to know. I would not get a Xeon CPU. AMD Ryzen or Threadripper processors are much faster / cheaper than Xeon for Pix4D Mapper. A mid-level nVidia RTX 3000 series GPU would be sufficient as well.