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Automatically regenerate quality report after reoptimization

Please make the reoptimize process generate the quality report automatically. Generating it manually after the process adds an annoying extra step when adding GCPs.


Hi Arne,

Any feedback about your experience or information about features you would like to see in a future release is much appreciated. 

As this option was already mentioned to our team your opinion will help us increase the priority of developing this feature.
Thank you.


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I’d like to add a vote for this as well

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Hi Derrick,

We have also taken your opinion into account.


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when do we expect this to happen?

Hi John,

This suggestion is the most popular among the others related to the Quality Report. Our developers certainly will take into account. However, as for now, I can’t give you any time frame when it’ll be implemented. 


Yup, this would be nice.