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Autologout when exiting program

It would be great to have automatic logout from Pix4Dmapper when we shut down the PC or exiting the program. Especially in the Corona-verse.

This would make us be able to continue work from another PC at another location whitout fuss.
It’s a pain to have to return to my workplace and start up the pc, start Pix4Dmapper, log out from Pix4Dmapper, because I did not remember to log out from the program before I left work. Equally painfull the other way around.

As it is now, the licence stay active at the PC it was last used on, regardless of the time passed since it was last used.

Hi @ole,

I can set the device expiration to 1 day. This means that if you want to use PIX4Dmapper you will have to log in every day. Would you like me to set it to 1 day?If yes let me know also for which license key.