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Auto-location of Micasense Rededge calibration square off a bit

Hi all,

When I let pix4d automatically find the images of the Micasense Rededge-M calibration plate, it finds the images, but its placement of the square where the calibration area is is just a little bit off.  Perhaps I have a different version of the calibration plate or something… is there any way to adjust this?  It’d be nice to have pix4d locate the areas automatically correctly; it’s just a bit of time and a small pain to correct them for every project…



pix4d 4.3.31

Hi Alexander, I have seen micasense always recommending that 1/3rd of the target image should consist of target pixels, that way the marking is better. So if you have an image like that, the marking should be done perfectly. However, it is always better to check if the marking is okay.

Thanks for your reply.  I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here - it’s ok to have non-calibrated pixels selected?  I’m definitely not ok with that, even if micasense says it is (which i’m not sure about - can you please provide a reference?).

It’d be good to have an answer to the question if possible - is there any way to adjust this, perhaps in a config file somewhere?  This is an issue that would be good to fix.

Alexander, I did not say it is okay to have non target pixels marked, you can have a look at my reply above again. I said it is good to check your project before you start processing that everything is okay, even if automatic marking is supported.

Now let’s troubleshoot your issue: Does it happen if you take images of the panel from a lower height such that the target pixels cover at least 1/3 rd of the image width? Here is the link where they recommend that: https://support.micasense.com
If yes, can you let me know if you are using the latest firmware of the camera? Does it happen for all projects? Is your target free of dust?

ahh, sorry, misunderstood what you said.  I’ll take some more photos more closely and see what happens…

Hi Alexander, let us know how that goes.

Hi Momtanu.  So, I’ve tried getting closeups, as much as possible, of the calibration targets.  There’s no way to get a full third of the image filled with the calibration plate itself if we also try to get the QR code in the image (and there’s no way to auto locate the cal area without the QR code).  So… I’m left with my original question - is there any way to adjust where pix4d thinks the calibration square ought to be in relation to the QR code?




the micasense website show this (screenshot below). The QR code must be visible. There is no way to adjust, if the calibration target and the QR code is properly visible, please write us a support ticket with the images uploaded to cloud, we will have a look.