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Are pix4D capable of Handling Pushbroom Images?

Hello, I am currently working for a company that is interested in generation of True Orthos, and the the imaging was done with a Pushbroom sensor.

Does pix4D work as good as it works with frame cameras, with pushbroom sensors?

And someone can show me a sample of a true orthophoto of a densely-urbanized area generated with pix4D?


After consulting my colleagues on this topic, I would like to correct the previous message which stated that Pix4Dmapper is able to process push broom images:

In general, the software is designed for use with digital images captured by unmanned and manned aerial vechicles. Currently, Pix4Dmapper does not support images originating from push broom scanners. These sensors use a line of detectors perpendicular to the flight direction which collect one line of pixels at a time, so in the end you get multiple images containing one line of pixels. For processing in Pix4Dmapper, this would imply finding keypoints in each line of pixels (i.e. image) and matching them with the keypoints from the other lines of pixels. Moreover, it should compute the position and orientation of each line of pixels (i.e. image) based on these keypoints.
Therefore, these sensors have a completely different technique of capturing images than the cameras handled by Pix4Dmapper.


Thank you for the straightforward answer.

Does the team have plans to include support for this kind of camera in future?

As a sample, this is a thumbnail from a strip generated by a pushbroom preprocessing tool:

generally, all sensors come bundled with some tool like that, then the major problem is to deal with the fact that each column in image have its own perspective center.

Best regards,

Hi Kaue,

As far as I know, Pix4D is not planning to support such sensors.