Stereoscopic image velocimetry


I’m doing research on stereoscopic image velocimetry in rivers and I’m wondering if Pix4D is something that I can use to create the stereoscopic images? More specifically if a time series of stereo images can be produced?

I have 2 cameras set up on the river recording short videos that I’m then extracting images from. If I upload all of the frames at once I get the pop-up that because more than 80% of the images are the same, the corresponding geotags have been discarded. Is there anyway around this or is this just not possible with Pix4D?



PIX4Dmapper is a software to create point cloud, 3d models and orthomosaics, from 3 or more images, that may be geolocated.
Unfortunately, stereoscopic images as an output is not possible. You can find information in our KB., about inputs, outputs, etc.

Regarding your images, do they have have coordinates? Videos are just normal RGB?
The problem may be that all images have the same coordinates. PIX4Dmapper automatically disregards initial image position measurements when 80% or more of the images have initial positions that are the same as one or more other images.
You can ignore the warning if your images are not geotagged.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information on the use case you are asking.

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