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App freezes - showing a message of ‘Initializing’

I am using a12.9” iPad Pro with the built in LiDAR, but when I try to start recording my images the screen takes several images then locks up. There is a box that appears in the top of the window saying Initializing. The app then cannot record anything else, fixed on the last frame and will stay this way until I close and re-open it.
Please advise how I can correct this to start using this app?


Thanks for your feedback. The “Initializing” message comes from an internal system message meaning the app is preparing the AR session. I am not sure why it would freeze at this stage, but it would be good to make sure you are on the latest version of iOS and see if this resolves the issue.

Kind Regards,

George Brown

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I can confirm that my iPad is up to date at v.13.5.1


We have just released version 1.0.1 that fixes a crash that can occur during saving an image in certain situations. I can’t say for certain if this is the issue as the way you describe it doesn’t seem to match the issue we had detected, but the version also contains various other improvements in the code that could also help.

Could you try and see if it fixes your issue?


George Brown

I’ve checked and I am currently running 1.0.1 and unfortunately the issue is still the same.

To describe the issue in slightly more detail;
When I try to capture images the system freezes after a few seconds whilst initializing, and this remains, but the app isn’t fully frozen other than on the image capture page.
If I click on the blue tick it then allows me to go to the folder view of projects where it shows me all the various attempts that have been recorded. Each project only consists of between 1 or 2 images taken prior to the image capture screen freezing.

The only way to stop the Initializing Issue is to kill the app.


This very much sounds like an issue with Apple’s framework. We have found certain rare issues can be resolved by restarting the iPad, could you try that?