API Integration

Hey ya’ll,

Curious if anyone knows if there are options to integrate this into a websigte via an api?

Would love to talk about how it might be accomplished. I’m doing a project for a local company who does diverse micro markets (like neding machines or small stores) in common areas of schools, libraries etc and we are working on a feature to help onboard new locations to their system. To do this we’d love to try and integrate a spatial mapping api such as yours to allow the users to map the areas with their cameras and submit that map to the company through our application.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi Peter @cingles99 ,

Thank you for your interest in our PIX4Dcatch app.
We do not offer API integration, but your goal can be achieved by having many users uploading projects for processing and storing to a shared account or, even better, to accounts linked to a specific organization (see more in the Organization Support article).

Let me know what you think and if you were able to trial our software. Did you like the results?