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Android, iOS - DJI Spark waypoint missions support

Hi! Few days ago I read that DJI SDK 4.6 support missions for Spark like waypoint, follow me and hotpoint.
If it’s true why the latest Pix4D Capture’s release, update to DJI SDK 4.6.1, doesn’t offer waypoint mission?


Best Regards


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Hi A.M,

Yes, you are correct the latest DJI SDK 4.6.1 has been integrated into Pix4Dcapture on iOS version and soon on the Android version. This DJI SDK allows waypoints mission for the DJI Spark.
However, for now, it is only possible to run a FreeFlight mission using Pix4Dcapture. Adding the others functionalities for the Spark will be considered as part of the ongoing development of Pix4Dcapture and your interest in this has been shared with the developer’s team.


+1 for waypoint support for spark!!

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Yes, please add waypoint support for the Spark.


Any development so far on this issue?  I need the spark for small projects. 

I hope there’s a solution soon.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Abdiel,

thank you for your feedback. Waypoint missions are not supported by pix4Dcapture at the moment for the DJI SPARK and it is currently not in our pipeline to support it. However, your interest has been shared with the developer’s team.

If any update, we will communicate as often as necessary on this community thread.



I’m from Brazil and here the DJI Spark is very popular.

We need to Pix4dCapture Support Waypoint missions for DJI Spark.

Please, consider that.