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[Android] How to work with Failsafe RTH, Signal lost, Low battery level, Obstacle Avoidance


I’d like to know how to set safety setting with Pix4D capture app.

I use mostly DJI drones so I set it with DJIGO or DJIGO 4.

  1. When signal lost between transmitter and drone for few seconds DJIGO has options that  the bird returning to home or hovering or landing. Does Pix4D app depends on this setting?
  2. How pix4D works with low battery level? Does it follow DJIGO or Does Pix4d Capture have own setting? 
  3. Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 pro has Obstacle Avoidance function,  Does the AO works under Pix4D capture app during mission?




  1. The procedure on what happens when the signal is lost can be set in the DJI GO app. Pix4Dcapture will take this settings into account and will not override them.

  2. As for the battery level. The Pix4Dcapture app displays the battery level of the drone and the device. Keep in mind that it does not override the DJI Fail Safe procedure, e.g. automatic abort because of low battery. Please, double check the options that you have set in the DJI GO app - Fail Safe enabled or disabled.

  3. The obstacle avoidance is not operational during an autonomous flight, meaning when flying a grid, double grid, or circular mission with Pix4Dcapture. It is recommended to make sure the flight plan is defined in a clear area and high enough to avoid obstacles.