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Android - APK Files / DJI Crystal Sky

Do you provide the APK files for your apps directly i.e available from somewhere other than Google Play? We use the DJI Crystal Sky and its a real pain trying to find the up to date versions.

Hi Sasu,

Thank you for your question.
We are currently working on it. In the future, we will put the latest APKs online, at a defined location, so that they are easy to get.
A link to download them will be accessible from our support website. It will come along with a procedure on how to install them on the DJI Crystal Sky.

We will communicate about it when it will be done.

I really expect solution from you to have possibility download APK file to install on the DJI Crystal Sky.



A procedure has been released to install the latest APKs of our application on DJI CrystalSky.
You can have a look here.

Let us know if you have any feedback about it.