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Direct apk files downloads

After wandering here, I’m wondering if you pix4d team would mind offering users the ability to download apps apk files (I mean Capture and Ctrl+dji) directly from your website. The point is I’m running an un-googled smartphone (custom Lineage OS) and retrieving apps from Google Play store is kind of ruled out to me and likely a bunch of users like me!
Being forced to get up to date apks from is quite weird, but may it be the regular solution, I agree :yum:
What’s your position on this point?


Thank you for your patience. You can use the below link to download the lastest shareable apk files. HERE


Hello Kapil_Khanal,
the following link at the moment ist the only possible way to retrieve a set of .apk files for Pix4Dcapture.

The thing is we cannot get any fresher version than 4.5…

I am very disappointed: as I said in my initial post I won"t connect to google play store. So am I to be blamed and give up keeping up to date (4.10) this quite nice app? No, definitely Gooogle is not my friend.

Thank you for your previous reply,

I finally made do with apkpure database, a pity Pix4d neglects ungoogled users…
Anyhow, thank you for this piece of useful app :yum:.