Anafi - App closes when loading a mission

I can’t open a mission when connected to the parrot anafi USA. I can open a mission if the controller is not connected, but the app closes as soon as I try to open one if I am connected to the aircraft.

I am running an Android Galaxy Tab A SM-T290 tablet and a Parrot SkyController. I am using Pix4DCapture Pro 1.3.0.

Any suggestions on this issue?

Hi @sm.fs.gtac_uas,

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As mentioned in the personal support ticket, we will need the log file to investigate the issue.

Please follow this procedure to export/send the logs:


had the same problem the first time I used Capture Pro.
I used a workaround by opening the mission BEFORE switching on the drone, and then things run ok. But I don’t think it should be like that.
Also I got a brief red message stating both drone and controller were critically low on battery, which was not true. I decided to fly anyway, and the levels I could read on the screen were ok.
Finally… please, reintroduce automatic return home at the end of the mission. :slight_smile:

I already sent the logs, hope it helps.

Joao Pedro

Hi @jppina

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Are you also using an Anafi USA drone?