After Update when adding pics the directory wont return back to correct folder

I just updated from 4.6 to 4.9 and the most annoying thing is happening. When i add a folder of pictures I have to locate it then when I hit add to add more it does not open in the same folder it goes back to a default Pix 4d folder and I have to navigate each time to the folder containing the pictures. It has turned a 30 second job into a 5 minute one. I have also noticed I can no longer add multiple folders by using shift or ctrl and I now have to add each folder seperatly then navigate back to the folder to add the next one. Surly this isnt how it works now. If this is the case how can I revert back to 4.6 because doing a project with 15k pics is painful to load

Hi @stefanie.tomevski,

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I know this is not ideal, but you can copy the path and the “paste” is in the new window when selecting a new folder.

However, a better solution could be the following:

  • click on the Add Images... button image
  • navigate to the root directory containing all the subdirectories with the images
  • in the top-right corner, type *.jpg in the search field image
  • all .jpg files in all the subfolders are now showed
  • press Ctrl + a to select all images
  • click Open image

This will add the images from different folders to PIX4Dmapper with just one step.

We always suggest to keep using the latest version of PIX4Dmapper. However, you can still find previous PIX4Dmapper versions here: