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Additional point cloud clean up tool request

I would like to suggest the addition of another point-cloud clean-up tool.

When I model vehicles and sometimes roadways, I typically get a large amount of points in the point cloud that generate above the surface I’m modeling. Even on asphalt roads, depending on the sun, I get a large amount of extra points above the surface of the roadway due to reflection, etc. I currently use the point cloud editor to then meticulously select these extraneous points the best I can and, in effect, turn them off.

On many occasions, however, I’m not able to get the cleanest result due to the limitations in the current selection methods I have available, which select every point forward and rearward of the points I’m encircling.

What I’d like to see, and I think it should be fairly easy to implement, is a 3D planar tool (3D in that it has some depth) that I can size according to the area I’m working with (i.e. a car hood, a section of road) that I can then position along the XYZ axis, yaw, pitch, roll, so that any points that come into the 3D rectangle I’ve sized are selected for “turning off”.

For example, if I’m working with a vehicle that, despite a cloudy day and dulling spray, gives a very fuzzy point cloud with many extraneous points above the actual surface, I could size and position this 3D planar tool so that it aligns with the plane of what I intend to clean up (the roof, the hood, a door, etc.), and push the tool’s surface toward the point-cloud surface, catching and selecting only those extraneous points that rise off the actual surface I’m looking to preserve so I can turn them off.

I would appreciate some feedback on this idea, in terms of if it’s already been looked into or if I can clear up anything confusing about what I’m suggesting. Such point cloud editing tool would making my work flow and the end result point cloud much cleaner.

Matthew Jackson
Jackson Reconstruction

Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
Your request has been passed to our Product Development Team.
They should soon evaluate if they will allocate time and resources for this feature request.

Anyway whatever is their decision I will for sure let you know what will be the status of your request.
Your inputs are very important and valuable for us.