Add "Remove Points from Selection" tool

In Pix4Dmapper there was an option to add and subtract points from the selection. In Pix4Dsurvey there is no option to subtract from the selection. It is thought worth adding this option.
It comes in handy when you have an obstacle above the stockpile and it interferes with the volume count.

Hi @mwywial,

Thank you for your message and the request.

You can currently add points to a selection by pressing the Shift key when you create a new selection.

And you can remove points by pressing the Alt (or Option key on macOS) when creating a new selection.

Please let me know if this works for you.


Thank you very much, that was my point. Out of my habit with Pix4Dmapper I was looking for that option under the Ctrl button, not Alt :slight_smile:
The topic can be closed, thank you again for your help!

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