Adding multiple folders to Pix4d Fields


How do you add multiple image folders to pix4d fields? I can only see the option of adding individual images, no option to add folders like in Pix4d Mapper.



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out on the community.  Currently you must place all images into one folder to upload if you are using a Windows.  It is possible to select multiple folders on a mac, however an update will be available in the next couple of weeks which allow a user to upload multiple folders of images to process.

MicaSense RedEdge for example split images into folders by band so I hope this multiple folder upload feature will help these users in particular.

Regards, Sam

I saw your question and tried out combing three different flights with my Ebee (Sequoia) and I was able to bring in these different flights into one project. When you mentioned

“I can only see the option of adding individual images,”

Are you clicking on the “Import Geotiff” button?

My first step was to Import images, where I selected all images (Ctrl+A) on Windows:

Next, I just clicked “Add more images” where I selected images from my other two drone flights. Worked great.

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Thanks Mark, you are right, we can click on add more images, browse to another folder and add more images. Pix4Dmapper has a feature where you can add directories as well, so that you do not have to go back to each folder to add more images (in case you have a lot of folders).