Add custom images in Virtual Inspector tool in the image list.


After I complete a project in Pix4dCloud Advanced, I want to show some more detail with Virtual Inspector by adding a custom image to an “inspection mark”.
For the project I have 2 sets of images captured at the same time (an RBG photo and a “thermal” photo which is still RBG, but in thermal palette), both georeferenced with RTK.

The desired outcome is to ALSO show one or two “thermal” photos in the list of images containing the inspected point, even if I didn’t include them in the processing images step.

Is there a way to do that or any workaround?

I also considered trying to do an ortho of the “thermal” images (to have the images in the inspection list) and apply the RBG ortho as an overlay, but Pix refuses to generate a correct one from the “thermal Images”, as I assume it can’t find sufficient tie points.

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Currently, we don’t have a workaround for this. This post will be considered as a feature request.

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A kind of workaround would be to generate the ortho using the RGB thermal images in PIX4Dmapper and then, import it as overlay in PIX4Dcloud so you could visualize it in the cloud too.
You could also import it as if it was a DSM.

However, the RGB thermal images are not recommended for processing and as you say, they process might fail. RJPG is the recommended format for processing thermal data.
You can find more information here:


Thank you for the answer.
The M30T does not produce RJPG ( although advertised as such. ty not DJI) so only thermal JPG is available.
Ortho from thermal JPS doesn’t work.

Thanks for considering it a feature req.

It would be awesome if we had the ability to add new photos to the inspections. Example, I’m in roadway construction inspection. It would be great if our inspectors could go to the spot in the ortho with the punchlist item, mark it (already can do with this tool), and add a new photo from their phone camera or add from their laptop to that inspection mark. The orthos do not provide enough detail for most punchlist type items such as a cracked curb or broken sidewalk.