Add Contours as a layer in Cloud and Cloud Advanced

I would like the ability to generate and view contours in Cloud. I am shocked this is not an existing Cloud feature as it is available in lots of competing cloud solutions. Contours would help to quickly show elevation changes. The DEM can show elevation changes but the subtle color changes can be a significant challenge for people with reduced color vision. A workaround may be to pull the pointcloud into PIX4Dsurvey, then generate and export contours, then import the linework into Cloud but I am not keen on adding extra steps to get a basic feature that is already available for most other platforms…


Thank you for the feedback.
There is also a second workaround that is to create the project in PIX4Dmapper, enable the contour line generation and upload to cloud for processing ( )


We do not currently have Mapper, we do have Matic. Not sure if the same solution applies to both softwares?




Hello again Daniel,
In that case, you could generate the contour lines in Matic and upload them to cloud as overlay in DXF format. They would be displayed both in 2D and 3D.
I hope this helps.

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Hi Daniel,

That sounds like a workable solution.