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A simple prayer: please, update OSX version, I'm waiting still from November 8th 2016!

Hi, I know that your programs are different but after two subscription at upgrade and support (€650/yearx2=€1300) and a license’s purchase (€.6500) it is time to do IMHO.

I know that I’m not alone, in this type of request isn’t it?

Best regards and please ,give me a “realistic” answer.

Hi Antonio,


As per our announcement in February (available here) unfortunately, we have no on-going plans to release a new stable macOS version.


Thank you for your understanding!



Just a doubt: am I alone or there are other users who ask the same?

Hi Antonio,


As per the main thread regarding the OS release, other users do have the same request.

I would recommend you to post your comment there so that the discussion remains in the same thread.


Thank you for your understanding,