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3DR georeference fail


I’m new to Pix4D so maybe it’s a stupid question but here we go:

1- I have a few photos taken in timelapse mode 2sec intervals from my UAV flying with a PixHawk FC. The EXIF dates from these photos were calibrated with the GPS local time.

2- The 3DR log has GPS and ATT lines covering all this EXIF times…Even more. I have started the camera a few minutes after the PixHawk booted.

So when i try to georeference these photos in Pix4D project none of them are identified.

There are no CAM events at the log… The photos were taken in timelapse mode but with the time sync with pixhawk.

Could you help me with this? Am i doing it wrong?

Thank you.




Sergio, maybe you use Mission Planner to georeference the photos, just make sure that you check the location in the KML before writing it because there is no guarantee that the clock on the camera will be perfectly synced. Check if you haven’t used Mission Planner to georference before.