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3D terrain modeling for the “Wairua Warrior” - Jonathan Lopardo - DroneMate

Good Monday everyone!

Today, our featured project brings us to New Zealand, were DoneMate 3D mapped the terrain of an obstacle course to help potential participants get better prepared:

Explore, measure and annotate the terrain on Pix4D Cloud:

Watch the Wairua Warrior video on Youtube:

This is the story or the project:

The Happy Valley Adventures “Wairua Warrior” obstacle course is an event that DroneMate sponsors almost every year, and some of our guys even join in and run the course in team events. This year we decided to add something new to our yearly Wairua warrior promo video; we mapped the entire course and used the video animation features in Pix4d to create transition shots from one obstacle to another. We wanted to give a scale to potential participants in a way that video alone just could not do.

 ** Technical details:**

  • Device used: DJI Phantom 4 advanced

  • Image capture strategy: Nadir Aerial. In lower areas 400ft with 80/80 overlap and in dense treed areas 90/87 overlap.

  • Number of images: 2790 (20MP each)

  • Preprocessing: No preprocessing, as it was a good day and the drone’s camera deals with this quite well, however, we did manually set the white balance before flying the drone to assure proper color representation across the entire model.

  • Pix4D software used: Pix4Dmapper on a desktop device

  • Editing: This is something we regularly do but it was just not necessary for this model.

We use photogrammetry for many things, ranging from creating large orthomosaics of forestry blocks to show windthrow to creating point clouds for stockpile surveys. Last week our 3 major projects were of a coastal road that was severely damaged by a storm, a quarry looking to create long-term planning and NDVI mapping of a large hop-growing operation looking for pests and other plant health-related problems.

As a drone service company, we provide outputs created with Pix4Dmapper for other companies to place in their workflow.

We love Pix4Dmapper because we have full control over how we create the outputs. Pix4D is also very helpful when you have an error or get stuck because of the online forums and webinars. Other software just can’t give us the level of quality control and range of outputs our clients demand.” Jonathan Lopardo, Operations Manager at DroneMate.

Study the terrain and get ready to become a warrior! Feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team