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3D Model on Pix4d Mapper

Hi. yesterday i flew around a church and took just under 300 images.

Today, i wake up and 2/3 steps have processed. however there is no model? there is just the image points and the images all next to each other where i would expect the model to be in a kind of blob of images?

does the 3rd step need to process for a 3D model? is there an option i didn’t click to ‘view’ the 3D Model?
Any ASAP Help would be appreciated, as this is supposed to be shown to my boss in a couple hours.

Thank you in advance.

do you have the point densification done?

did you chosed the option 3D Textured Mesh in the 2nd step (Point cloud and mesh)?

Could you attach a screenshot of your three of layers on the left of the interface?

Do you have any mesh created in the folder 2_densification > 3d_mesh of your Project Folder Structure?