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3D Map was very poor

I have no idea what happened here. The app did quit mid flight but the mission kept on going. I was never able to recover the app but the mission finsihed and the drone returned and landed perfectly. I had to export the pictures directly off the drone as it could not access them on my tablet. Please advise what to do.

Thank You



Also This message came up before I began to process the images

What to do?

Please post or link to the Quality Report.

I am not sure what problem you are pointing to with your first screenshot. Please provide more information about what you would like us to look at in your project. As for the second screenshot, it says that you do not have image geolocation in your images nor Ground Control Points (GCPs) in the project. Hence, the project cannot be geolocated in a known coordinate system, which is why the Arbitrary Coordinate System is selected by default. 

I agree with Adam, a quality report of the project would help to understand if there is an issue. Click Process > Generate Quality Report to create it, then it should be possible to save the document as PDF and share it here with a link to a file sharing service. 

Hard to say what happened for the image acquisition with Pix4Dcapture, I suggest to make sure to download the newest version 2.3.0 for iOS or 3.8.5 for Android and try again. If the error persists, feel free to post more details in a new post in the Image Acquisition topic of the Community. 

You seem to be using the macOS beta version of the software that we do not officially support. If you would like to have the newest release, I would suggest to find an option with Windows, e.g. Bootcamp for macOS,…

I’d also suggest to have a look at our Getting Started tutorial: 
and our Video Academy: