3D GCP Alignment for LiDAR without Photogrammetry

Hi, I think it would be a great feature to add the ability to import 3D GCPs into Survey. Specifically for the purpose of aligning and transforming LiDAR .las that has not been captured with photogrammetry.

When Photogrammetry with GCPs and LiDAR are both captured, registering the 2 point clouds is a great feature but running photogrammetry is not always needed.


Hello craig

I’m not sure if I understand your use case, you want align and transform las files from LIDAR that are not referenced using the GCPs?

I think that you can do it now with this work around:

  • Import your Lidar (las) file
  • In the point cloud find the gcps and add marks
  • import your 3D GCPS as a marks from “File” → “Import” (csv files)

In this moment you have the marks from the GCPs file, and the marks in the point cloud added manually

  • Import a fake las file (with only 1 point, the same file, …) it’s only to enable the register dialog

In the manual registration dialog:

  • select as a reference the fake point cloud, and the imported marks
  • select as project to register the Lidar file and the marks added manually


After that you can delete the fake point cloud.

And now you should have your lidar points in the GCPs position

All the best


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Hello Rafel,

I just wanted to thank you first for taking the time to reply with a very detailed answer. I really appreciate it. This is a great suggestion and it sounds like it will solve my solution! I will give it a try and let you know!

Thanks again!