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2080ti NvLink Issues?

I am having several issues with a current machine we just purchased being unable to run Pix4D, however it can run any Agisoft project just fine. We use both platforms on a regular basis as each have their own advantages.

When I run a project and it gets to the dense cloud (with the GPU’s unchecked) I receive the following errors in windows event viewer.

Is there a compatibility issue with 20xx series cards and Pix4D that I am unaware of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


i9 - 9900k

2 x 2080ti (NVLink)

128 Gb Dominator DDR4 Ram

Asus Prime X299 Board



Could you please send us the following?

▸ The quality report (.pdf format): …\project_name\1_initial\report\project_name_report.pdf
▸ The project log file (text file): …\project_name\project_name.log
▸ The project file (.p4d): …\project_name.p4d

Additionally, please send us the machine specs:

  1. Click the Windows Start icon and type System Information. Select the application in the list above.
  2. In the application, click File > Save… and export the content.
  3. Attach the file your_file.nfo to the reply.

Please upload the files to our OneDrive.

Thanks in advance. 

I uploaded the files you requested however no .pdf quality report was generated as the process crashed on the first step.