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X8+ Vs X8-M for Mapping and Photography

I’m debating on getting a 3D Robotics X8+ or an X8-M and am unsure what to do. I’m wanting to do some mapping and be able to take pictures from a gimbal or do some video with a GoPro. It looks like I could do much of what I want with the X8+ along with a few upgrades but the cost difference from the X8-M makes me think I’m missing out on something. Any thoughts?

Hello Aaron,


I would suggest you to contact 3DR for more detailed information about the hardware differences and capabilities.




Probably too late, but the X8+/X8-M aren’t made anymore.  I purchased the X8+ and am able to everything that the X8-M is capable of performing.  I try to stick to 13 minute flights.  So far I can’t find the camera housing that comes with the X8-M.  Other than that, the parts are readily available on ebay and other internet retailers.