White line markings

Hi All

Just a quick couple of questions regarding pix4d survey.

I am trying to trace some white lines from aerial data. Although it traces the lines it just gives me one constant line and no spacing between line markings. Any ideas why??

Is aerial photography projects suitable for pix4d survey? Or is mobile scanned data better to use?

Thanks in advance


Hi @operations2,

Thank you for your message.

PIX4Dmapper can open projects from aerial or terrestrial imagery.
If you have a PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic project, you can just import the .p4d or .p4m file with PIX4Dsurvey.

You can also import the point cloud directly to PIX4Dsurvey, but then you will lose the connection with the images.

Regarding your issue with the lines, could you please share a screenshot with us?

Thank you, and kind regards,