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Where's the output files

 Hi After first run the output files were in toe source image folder, but after 4’th run there are no new files to see? Am i missing something?

Hi Steen,

I am not sure I correctly understood your question. However, this link might be useful:

The outputs of each project are saved in a separate folder. The outputs of one project are saved in subfolders stepwise.

Hi Momtamu

What I am asking about is the logic in where the output is stored? Is it stored in the root of wherever I choose to save my project file or some other way? I experienced a crash with pix4d. After restarting pix4d no outputs were saved. I had to restart the pc to get rendering back.

Another thing; I have just made a DTM from a golf course which is good in the way that all trees and vegetation is gone. Unfortunately a lot of other details on the course are also gone, as if the filterring algorithm is a bit to aggressive. Is there any way to adjust this or some other approach that would work so more details at ground level are left untouched.

Kind regards
Steen Knarberg

Hi Steen,

You are right. The project file is stored in the root folder where you save your project output files. 

The DTM is automatically generated based on the DSM, taking into account the results of the point cloud classification if this has been generated. For more details regarding the generation of the DTM you can take a look here:
It is highly recommended to generate the point cloud classification before running step 3 as the results of it significantly improves the DTM. For more information about how to generate the point cloud classification you can take a look here:

When the classification has been generated, only the Ground and Road Surface groups are preserved in the DTM (so edit the point cloud and manually assign the points to ground and road surface if you want the points to be used for DTM generation). To manually move points between the automatically generated point groups, the  Edit Densified Point Cloud  option can be used: 202560499