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Where is the CAD Overlay function on Pix4D BIM Cloud



I successfully uploaded desktop Pix4D BIM data to the cloud, but noticed there is no CAD Overlay option anymore?


Also, is there a way to have the Basemap be an aerial image from Google or Bing in lieu of a street map?



Hi Michael, 

In order to access the CAD Overlay function, you have to move the project to a specific site by using the button “MOVE TO”. If you don’t have any Sites you can create one by clicking the button “NEW SITE”. 

After moving the project to a site you will be able to see the CAD Overlay function under the “MAP” button section . 

You can switch to the satellite view using the panel on the right:

  1. Select the Basemap layer
  2. On the inspector panel (right) check “Satellite map”

Best ,

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Thanks Christos!  I see it now.  Do you know what map engine (Bing or Google) you pull these aerials from?  For my site, the image shown is very old, but will do.


THanks again,



Hi Mike, 

for the basemap, we use Mapbox and OpenLayers.  



Ok thanks!


One more question why isn’t the “Share” icon showing for this Site?  It shows on all others?  Please see below.


Hi Christos,


Pix4D Cloud Developer named Tom Riat helped resolve this issue for me in another post: